Make Time to Smell the Breakfast

If not redily apparent from the rate of new posts, we’ve had a few rough days. Sure, we try to keep things positive and moving along but, of course, cancer is no joke. And there are times when the good days seem far/few in between the bad days.

But today we went for Gaye’s post-op reconstruction appointment. It was scheduled for 08:30 which is no easy hour. On the upside, the stars aligned for us today. Our referral landed in time for our appointment. Further, we had a credit from a previous payment made by the insurance company. Best of all, Dr. M, the plastic/reconstruction surgeon is very happy with Gaye’s healing.

Not done yet

Gaye has been suffereing with pain from one of her incision sites and hoped the good doctor would ease her discomfort with a procedure or shot of steroids. However, Dr. M. stated that the offending site is still healing. Hence a bubble and the needle-stick pain. He urged her to continue massaging the scar and to continue use of the silicon tape that reduces the scar and smoothes it to the surface.

We go back in six months and if she is still suffering with pain, Dr. M will perform a complete revission of the scar.

Breakfast with a friend

Chilaquiles a la Irma

Another upside to an appointment that early is having a choice of meals after. Gaye wanted to go to Irma’s. Recently featured on Bravo’s Top Chef, Irma Galvan is a Houston institution. Her original restaurant, (in a little metal-sided building) is Tex-Mex comfort food with DEEP roots in Mexican tradition.

There is no menu at Irma’s. They tell you what is available based on what came fresh from the market that morning and you make your selection. I opted for the chorizo and eggs (top) and Gaye had the chilaquiles, (corn tortillas deep fried and sauced with tamatillo, onions, garlic, jalapeño, and cheese—photo above).

Both plates were served with excellent beans and potatoes. Most importantly, everything at Irma’s is served with Irma’s love. She loves food, she loves feeding people, and she lives to make everyone feel welcome. I can’t help but think it was just what the doctor ordered.

(l-r) Yours truly, Chef Irma Galvan, and Gaye, my Missus.

More than just breakfast, decompressing over coffee and eggs in a warm, inviting atmosphere is part of the healing process. Do not be in such a mad dash to battle cancer that you forget to savor the moments of peace. It is key to your wellbeing.

Stay positive, stay strong.

All photos belong to the author and are used by his very kind permission.

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